About Joi


I gave my life to Jesus in March of 1990. I've been following Christ ever since, sometimes so close I can see the dust on His robe, and at other times, so far I can barely make Him out in the distance. Yes, Jesus offers me hope and redemption on a daily basis and loves me unconditionally. It was by far the best and most difficult decision I've ever made and I wouldn't change a thing!


I married this stud muffin in 1999. We've had quite a life together, and I'm so thankful God brought this hunky guy in my life! We have three amazing boys who love Jesus, challenge me, and make me laugh on a daily basis. 


Not only has God allowed me to write, but He has called me and my family to Ireland to serve Him overseas. It's a path I never expected to be on, yet God directed us to move in this direction, and so we follow His lead!